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Items To Bring On Your Cabo Fishing Charter

Updated: Jul 11

Deep sea fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Being prepared for a fun and memorable day on the water fishing with us can make a great day of sportfishing even better! We've taken the guesswork out of what to bring with you on your Cabo San Lucas Fishing charter with this list of those items for your reference.

Protection from the sun is key when fishing offshore in Cabo:

-Sunscreen, one that protects from UVA and UVB.

-Sunglasses, polarized are the best for cutting through water glare to see your catch better.

-Chapstick or other lip balm.

-Hat, the wider or larger the brim, the better the protection.

-Light colored polyester, blend or moisture wicking type fabrics for clothing are ideal. Some people prefer a long sleeve shirt in this same type of material for additional protection from the sun.

-If you wear prescription glasses, we recommend bringing a safety

strap for them (and sunglasses) to prevent them from falling off and into the sea if you are looking over the side of the vessel.

-Good shoes. Flip flops are allowed, however, for safety reasons, we do highly recommend that you wear tennis type shoes or sneakers, which are good to help grip the deck as it can be slightly wet at times from ocean spray. Low profile type brands such as Vans and Converse seem to work well.

-Camera, Go-Pro and/or your cell phone camera, to capture the action! Also, there is cell service in most inshore and offshore areas.

Other items:

-Backpack, duffel or storage type bags for all of your belongings are welcome and we have plenty of storage aboard the sportfishing vessels for these.

-Medications. If you take prescription medication throughout the day for things such as diabetes, high blood pressure or seizures, remember to bring as the charters are 5 hours and 8 hours in duration. Also, please inform us beforehand of any medical conditions so that we can be better prepared in the event of a health or medical emergency.

There are several stores or "mercados" in and around the Cabo marina that open very early for last minute items for sportfishing charter guests. Most of them have a little bit of everything, such as sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc., in the event that you forget anything at your hotel or resort.

Lastly, bring a smile and buena suerte!

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