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Is All Inclusive At Cabo San Lucas Resorts Worth It?

Updated: Jun 13

Cabo all inclusive

There's probably no great question among visitors to Cabo San Lucas than that of whether or not to go all inclusive at their respective resort.

Lets start off with the pros of going all inclusive. Generally, with unlimited food and drinks on property, going all inclusive takes a lot of the legwork out of planning where to eat. Some suggest that the time savings of not having to research various restaurants off property if going non inclusive as well as the overall convenience factor holds significant value. With most resorts in Cabo San Lucas having robust choices as far as cuisine and a selection of restaurants at some, this can be a plus. There is also the monetary savings of not having to take a cab or Uber to restaurants regularly which can quickly eat into ones budget. If you're more inclined to mostly stay at your resort and not venture out much or at all, then all inclusive is probably the right choice. If you have young travelers with you, all inclusve can make it easier, since everything is more or less an order away.

What are the cons of going all inclusive? If you like to explore, and try different styles of cuisine, its likely better to forgo an all inclusive package. Cabo San Lucas has a wide variety of some incredible restaurants for the food lover. In fact, Michelin very recently released its inaugural Michelin Mexico Guide, and thirteen Cabo area restaurants were recognized! The Cabo San Lucas city area, which expands away from the marina, is not a very large footprint making it relatively easy to trek to eateries on foot, depending on where you are staying. While it will cost you to take a cab or Uber of course, most trips into town from outlying areas, such as the corridor, are fairly quick. Finally, a lot of people want to visit the area of their destination, such as Cabo San Lucas. Indeed, there is much to see, do and explore here!

Ultimately, it's up to you of course, as far as whether or not to add on an all inclusive package to your stay.

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