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Fishing in Cabo-What To Expect On Your Charter

Updated: May 28

If you're a first time angler fishing in Cabo San Lucas, you may be wondering what to expect on your fishing charter here and how it may differ from deep sea fishing, where you're dropping a line, rig and bait straight down to the bottom from a stationary boat, or other methods of fishing.

First, we will almost always have the boat under power and be in constant motion, moving forward at a relatively low cruise speed. The only time we won't be in motion, is when we have you hooked up on a fish, or, if/when we spot fish on the surface and stop the boat to try to catch those.

Coincidentally, the strategy for sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas isn't much different than trolling a freshwater lake for trout, or a coastal area for salmon...we're just using a lot heavier and bigger gear. Trolling is generally the name of the game in sportfishing Mexico!

Next is "the spread." The offshore trolling spread is simply the pattern of rods that are wet, or dragging either a lure, live bait, such as a ballyhoo, or a combination of lures and live bait. The most common spread that you'll see when fishing with us is a five pattern spread, with two rods running on the outriggers or "stingers" as they're often called, two rods closer in on the boat gunwales or sides, and one rod in the center, up on the flybridge, which is called the shotgun. See diagram below:

What to expect on your Cabo fishing charter

In addition to the above diagram, we generally will run a "teaser" that looks like a small school of baitfish or squid, on a short line, just off the stern of the boat. This teaser is used to attract fish up to the boat and to the lures and the line or lines with the live bait rigged up.

We also keep a supply of live baitfish rigged and ready to "pitch" to marlin and other gamefish that we spot swimming on the waters surface.

At Top Anglers Sportfishing Cabo, our experienced captains and deckhands will assist you the entire time that you are fishing. They will be rigging everything on the ride out, so lines can be ran as we are leaving the marina. They'll also switch out the setups of lure colors and size, along with the live bait line, depending on the conditions, color of the water, and whether the fish are biting or not on a particular presentation. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. That is...until you hear the "popping" sound of a line releasing from the outrigger clip, or the sound of the reel screaming as line is peeled off by a fish. They'll also guide you on what do you once a fish is hooked up, so you're ready for the fight and ultimately getting it onboard.

Buena suerte!

-Captain Jason

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