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Transporting Your Catch Home

Updated: Jun 13

We recently had a charter guest indicate that the airline told her that U.S. Customs does not allow fish to be brought back to the U.S. This is absolutely not the case! The airline representative was misinformed and not familiar with current regulations. Fish that has been cleaned, vacuum sealed and frozen is allowed to be transported back to the U.S. and Canada. You absolutely can take the fish you catch on your fishing charter home with you. Here's what you need to do:

Check with your airline as to any special requirements; most will have few if any other than no loose ice. There are several vendors in and around the marina that will vacuum seal and flash freeze your fish for you, such as Gricelda's Smokehouse.

Transporting your caught fish back home with you from Cabo

Let our captains & crew know that you would like to transport your fish home with you on the way in from your fishing charter.

Once you return from your fishing charter, we will facilitate getting your catch to the fish cleaning area. This is a service that is provided to you in the marina, and is inexpensive.

At the fish cleaning station, let them know that you would like your catch vacuum sealed and flash frozen. The vendor will take your cleaned fish and provide you with a receipt. They will need to know where to deliver the fish (resort and/or address), and the day and time of your departure. They will also ask if you would like for them to procure an ice chest or cooling container for you. You can also take your cleaned fish to Gricelda's Smokehouse in the marina for vacuum sealing and flash freezing. Gricelda's also sells soft sided and insulated cooler bags, as well as hard side ice chests. There are other stores around the marina that do carry ice chests, however, the cost of these can be higher than normal. If you prefer to obtain your own cooler, you can also purchase them at Wal Mart, which is less expensive than most of the vendors in and around the marina.

In some cases, depending on the size of the container, you can take the fish aboard your flight as carry on. As mentioned above, collapsible cooler bags are another option that can be purchased in Cabo inexpensively and work well for this.

Do bear in mind, that if your cooler is of such size that you need to transport it as a checked bag, the airline will typically charge you an additional check bagged fee.


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