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Surge In International Travel Causing Passport Processing Delays

Last week, media outlets reported that a heavy demand for international travel and a backlog in U.S. passport processing is creating headaches for some travelers that have planned international travel, or are planning international travel. Compounding this is the upcoming busy summer travel season that is just around the corner.

It's being reported that in some cases, Americans may be waiting four months or more, which will present a challenge for those looking to travel to places such as Cabo.

Also contributing to the issue is pent up demand, as a result of many tourists not being able to travel during Covid along with U.S. State Department staff who were reassigned during the same period, as passport demand disappeared.

There is the option of expedited passport processing, however, the fees can be high. In addition, individuals can go to one of the regional passport offices in person, if verified international travel is within fourteen days, and an appointment is made.

Please visit for additional information and options that may work for you.

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