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Cabo marlin fishing

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Baja California Sur seabed

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters Starting at $375 USD 

We are a full-service sportfishing charter and pride ourselves on being the only charter fishing service in Cabo San Lucas that has been evaluated, ranked and endorsed as a Trusted Charter by Nautical Pathfinder International Charter Reviews, an independent agency.  In addition, we are one of Cabo San Lucas' longest running sportfishing charter operations, since 1991 and we are the preferred charter fishing service for the Pueblo Bonito Family of resorts. 
As a full-service sportfishing charter, we provide everything our charter guests need for a thrilling day of Cabo San Lucas fishing: boat, crew, gear, tackle, rigging, live-bait, ice and Mexico fishing licenses.   We make the entire process easy for our charter guests, from "booking to hooking" and invite you to step aboard with us and our experienced crews to fish for numerous species that inhabit the waters of Cabo San Lucas such as marlin, dorado, tuna, wahoo, sailfish, roosterfish, jacks, sierra, and grouper.  
Nothing excites us and our crews at Top Anglers Sportfishing Cabo more than getting our charter guests on the fish of a lifetime and creating lasting memories.  Whether your a first time visitor to Cabo San Lucas interested in trying sportfishing in the marlin capital of the world, or an experienced angler, it would be our pleasure to host you on our charters as we celebrate over 30 years of sportfishing charters to over 100,000 Cabo San Lucas visitors.

Fishing Is Our Passion.  Creating Great Experiences Is Our Priority.

Live bait included with charter

Boat & Crew Included 

Live bait included with charter

Live Bait Included 

Sportfishing rods and reels included with charter

Mexico Fishing Licenses Included

Experienced captain and deckhand included
Mexico sportfishing licenses included with your charter

Rods & Gear Provided 

Full Menu of Meal Options

What to Expect on Your Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charter 

Your sportfishing experiences begins at the Cabo San Lucas marina, where you will meet your captain and crew and recieve your Mexico fishing licenses.  Shortly after, we will depart for the rich fishing grounds of the Sea of Cortez or the Pacific Ocean.  Along the way, we will make a brief stop to load up the live bait well aboard the vessel.  The crew will begin preparing and rigging various fishing lures along the live bait right away and its not uncommon for us to be lines in and begin fishing within minutes of exiting the marina.  

During your charter, you'll have the chance to catch a variety of fish including:

Marlin: One of the most sought after catches for anglers and available year-round.

Dorado (Mahi-Mahi): One of the fastest growing fish in the sea, known for their vibrant colors of gold, green and blue and also for their acrobatic leaps. 

Tuna: One of the most powerful and challenging catches.

Sailfish: Distinctly recognizable by their large "sail" like dorsal fin and know for being one of the fastest fish in the sea.  

Wahoo (Ono): Also one of the fastest fish in the sea, and a thrill to catch. Generally, mostly silver in color, but can also have distinct stripes along its body.


Roosterfish: Often a "bucket list" fish for sport fishing enthusiasts, and an extremely hard fighting fish for their size.  Generally best targeted April through June, and are found inshore. 

Our crew will be on hand to assist with rigging, baiting and provide guidance to increase the chances of landing your catch and improve your skills. 

What is Sportfishing? An In-depth Exploration

Historical Evolution of Sportfishing

Sportfishing, or recreational fishing, has evolved from ancient subsistence practices into a sophisticated hobby with cultural significance. Originating as a survival skill, sportfishing gained prominence in European society by the 16th century, marked by the publication of Izaak Walton's "The Compleat Angler." This treatise not only elaborated on the techniques but also philosophized the harmony between nature and fishing.

Modern Equipment and Gear

Today's sportfishing gear includes high-tech rods, reels, and electronic devices for locating fish. Rods are designed with specific actions to handle the fight from various fish species. Reels are equally specialized, with variations like gears and drags offering unique benefits for precision and ease of use. Advances in materials, such as carbon fiber and graphene, have led to lighter, more durable rods and lines.

 Techniques and Methods

Techniques in sportfishing are dictated by target species and conditions. Fly fishing, for example, requires intricate knowledge of aquatic insects as bait for trout. Deep-sea anglers might employ trolling or jigging techniques aimed at larger species such as marlin, sailfish, dorado and tuna. Each technique requires an understanding of the fish's habits, preferred environment, and response to different types of baits.

 Bait: Natural vs. Artificial

The choice of bait is critical and often reflects a deep understanding of the marine ecosystem. Natural baits include live or dead organisms, bait fish, while artificial baits are designed to mimic these organisms through movement, color, and vibration. The development of synthetic baits involves both biologists and chemists to create lifelike replicas that can trigger strikes from wary fish. You can read more about the science of big-game fishing lures here, at FishTrack.

 Fishing Licenses in Mexico: A Comprehensive Guide

Legal Framework

Fishing within Mexico requires adherence to regulations set forth by the National Commission of Aquaculture and Fishing (CONAPESCA). These laws are designed to balance the desires of recreational anglers with conservation efforts, ensuring sustainable fish populations. Licenses are mandatory for all anglers ages thirteen and older.  

Obtaining a Fishing License

Licenses can be acquired directly from FONMAR's website or through various vendors such as us, who are licensed to distribute them. The process includes submitting identification details and specifying the area of Mexico fishing and duration of the license. Fees vary based on the duration, from daily permits to annual licenses, with different rates for nationals and foreigners. Read more about FONMAR and purchase a license at the FONMAR website.

Regulations and Compliance

Anglers are required to comply with catch limits to help maintain fish populations and the ecosystem. Specific regions may have additional rules, such as catch-and-release policies in conservation areas. Enforcement is carried out by local authorities and, for protected marine areas, possibly by national environmental agencies.  Fishing licenses are mandatory for anyone above the age of twelve, and whether or not the charter guest is fishing or observing, with charters typically handling the procurement process. Ethical charters promote catch-and-release practices, especially for endangered species, and use circle hooks to minimize harm to the fish.

Cabo San Lucas: A Fishing Paradise Detailed

 Geographic and Ecological Overview

Cabo San Lucas is located at the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. It boasts unique oceanographic conditions where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, at the famous "Lands End" creating a rich marine biodiversity that is ideal for sportfishing. The area is known for its deep-sea fishing, with species such as marlin, sailfish, and dorado available year-round.  For general information on Cabo San Lucas, please visit the official tourism and visitor site.    

Sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas

The region's reputation as a premier fishing destination and as the marlin fishing capital of the world is backed by a plethora of services, including guided tours, high-end fishing charters, and annual sportfishing tournaments. The local economy thrives on sportfishing tourism, which is supported by a robust infrastructure of world class resorts and cuisine, catering to anglers of all skill levels.

Advantages of Choosing Top Anglers Sportfishing Charters

A Rich History of Excellence and Passion

Top Anglers Sportfishing Charters, founded by the visionary Captain Victor Vargas in 1991, began as a pioneering venture in the then-undeveloped Cabo San Lucas. From humble beginnings—hauling diesel in barrels to the marina for their fleet of fishing boats—Top Anglers has grown into a leading name in sportfishing, renowned for its commitment to quality and the sportfishing community. Victor's deep roots in the sport, starting at a young age in Mazatlan with Starfleet, and his current role as Vice President of the Baja California Sur State Sport Fishing Association, underscore a life dedicated to the sport.  

 Personalized and Memorable Experiences

The philosophy at Top Anglers is simple yet profound: treat every guest like family. This ethos was deeply ingrained by Captain Jason Bailey, who, after his first transformative charter experience with Top Anglers in 2002, was inspired to become a partner. Captain Jason, alongside Captain Victor, aim to replicate that initial magical experience for every guest, blending their shared passions for sportfishing into every charter trip.

World-Class Expertise and Professional Fishing Endorsements

Captain Jason Bailey's extensive fishing resume, which spans from the tranquil lakes of Montana to the exotic waters of Tahiti, brings a wealth of global fishing expertise to Top Anglers. As a member of the Pro Staff Teams for both Paradise Tackle Co. and Bluefin USA, Jason not only contributes his deep knowledge of sportfishing but also actively engages in testing and improving fishing gear and strategies. This ensures that Top Anglers is always equipped with the most effective, cutting-edge technologies and techniques.

Tailored Services for All Levels of Fishing Experience

Whether you're a novice angler dreaming of your first marlin catch or an experienced fisherman looking for your next big trophy fish, Top Anglers Sportfishing Charters promises to provide a customized experience that caters to your specific needs. The team's profound knowledge of the local waters, combined with state-of-the-art fishing gear provided on every charter, maximizes your chances of a successful and thrilling fishing adventure.

Commitment to Conservation and Community

Beyond offering premier fishing charters, Top Anglers is deeply involved in the conservation of marine life and the promotion of sustainable fishing practices. By choosing Top Anglers, you support a business that invests in the health of the oceanic ecosystems and contributes positively to the local community and its fishing traditions.  By joining a charter with Top Anglers Sportfishing, you're not just embarking on a fishing trip; you're becoming part of a storied tradition that celebrates the rich history and vibrant future of sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas.  Top Anglers is also deeply participatory in supporting several Cabo San Lucas are causes such as PET Los Cabos, whose mission it is to spay, neuter and find adoptions for stray animals along with the Caritas Felices Foundation, which helps to provide meals and clothing to impoverished children in and around Cabo.

Sport Fishing Charters: A Comprehensive Expert Guide

Introduction to Sport Fishing Charters

Sport fishing charters are specialized marine excursions designed for anglers aiming to tackle big-game fish in the open ocean. These charters provide not just the vessel and necessary equipment, but also the expertise of seasoned captains and crews who understand the intricacies of various fishing techniques, from trolling to deep sea fishing. These outings cater to both novice fishermen and seasoned anglers, offering a unique blend of adventure, sport, and the thrill of the catch.

The Vessels: Designed for the Chase

Charter boats are specifically designed for sport fishing, equipped with powerful engines capable of reaching far-flung fishing grounds swiftly. The design often includes a spacious cockpit area with fighting chairs that allow anglers to battle big-game species such as marlin, tuna, sailfish, dorado and sharks. High-quality reels, rods, and tackle are standard, along with navigational and fish-finding sonar technology, ensuring optimal spots are targeted during the fishing trip. Our fleet includes some of the top offshore fishing brands such as Cabo Express, Viking, Black Watch and Bertram.

Fishing Techniques Employed by Cabo San Lucas Charters

  • Trolling: This technique involves dragging lures or baited hooks from a moving boat, ideal for catching species like marlin, sailfish, wahoo, dorado and at times, tuna. 

  • Bottom Fishing: Employed for species such snapper and grouper, this technique targets fish dwelling near the seabed, usually in an around rocky structure or reefs. 

  • Deep Sea Fishing: Targeting the depths beyond the continental shelf, anglers can hook species like yellowfin tuna, blue marlin, black marlin and sailfish.  

  • Jigging and Popping: Effective for species such as yellowtail, sea-bass and also tuna at times, these techniques require active lure manipulation to mimic injured fish.

Species Targeted in Sport Fishing Charters

Charters often specify the type of catch they target, depending on the region and season. Common targets include:

  • Marlin and Sailfish: The epitome of big-game sport fishing, pursued for their size and fight.

  • Tuna: Includes species like yellowfin and bluefin, known for their speed, endurance and size.

  • Dorado and Wahoo: Sought for their speed and delicious meat.

  • Sharks and Swordfish: Offer a challenging catch for experienced fishermen.

  • Roosterfish: Known for their "combs" and vivid dark stripes.  Extremely hard fighting fish for their size.  Roosterfish are found inshore, where the water is shallower, often just off the beach.

Navigational Know-How

Experienced sport fishing charter captains utilize comprehensive fishing reports and satellite technology to navigate to the most fertile fishing grounds. The knowledge of currents, marine topography, and fish behavior is critical in locating schools of game-fish. Safety is paramount, with charters adhering to the highest standards of maritime navigation and weather tracking.

Customized Experiences

Our sport fishing charters offer a range of experiences, from half-day excursions inshore and offshore, to multi-day offshore adventures targeting specific species or participating in fishing tournaments. Services include rigging gear and live baits, coaching if and when desired and needed and a selection of snacks, meals and beverages.  

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