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Carnival Cruise To Offer Two Day Stay In Cabo San Lucas

Updated: Jul 11

Carnival Cruise Line has recently announced that beginning May, 2024, the Carnival Firenze, will begin trips to Cabo San Lucas that will include a two day stayover.

Cruise ship in Cabo

This is welcome news for cruisers who in the past, have been somewhat limited on their ability to take advantage of tours, excursions and activities (like fishing!) in Cabo, due to a one day stay in port.

The cruise offering the two day stay, will be for a duration of six days total, with one additional stop in Ensenada, for a day.

For convenience, Top Anglers Sportfishing Cabo is located in the marina adjacent to where the cruise ship tender boats drop off and pick up their passengers.

To learn more about this future cruise, or others offered by Carnival, please visit their website at:

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