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Trophy Roosterfish Caught in Cabo San Lucas by Top Anglers Sportfishing.

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Cabo San Lucas, renowned for its stunning beaches and vibrant marine life, is a dream destination for anglers worldwide. Among the prized catches in these waters, the roosterfish stands out not only for its unique appearance but also for the challenge it presents. Recently, Top Anglers Sportfishing Charter has made headlines with several impressive roosterfish catches, cementing their reputation as one of the premier sportfishing charters in the region.

A Roosterfish Bonanza

The roosterfish, recognizable by its distinctive dorsal fin that resembles a rooster's comb, is a prized catch among sportfishing enthusiasts. Known for their strength and tenacity, roosterfish provide an exhilarating fight, making them a top target for anglers seeking a thrilling experience. Cabo San Lucas, with its rich marine ecosystem, offers an ideal habitat for these magnificent fish.

Top Anglers Sportfishing Charter: Leading the Way

Top Anglers Sportfishing Charter has been at the forefront of sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas since 1991, offering exceptional services and guided trips that promise both adventure and success. Our experienced crews, state-of-the-art equipment, and intimate knowledge of local waters have led to some remarkable roosterfish catches recently.

Record-Breaking Catches

In recent months, several trophy-sized roosterfish have been reeled in by clients of Top Anglers Sportfishing Charter. These catches are not just about the size but also the memorable experiences that come with them:

catch a trophy roosterfish in cabo san lucas

1. The 50-Pound Beast

One of the standout catches was a colossal 50-pound roosterfish, caught by angler Kailey Boren. Battling this giant for nearly half an hour, Boren's endurance paid off as she finally brought the fish aboard. This catch has become a talking point among the angling community in Cabo.

2. The Early Rooster

Early morning trips often bring unexpected rewards, as was the case for one seasoned angler fishing with us. Under cloudy skies, he hooked up a 45-pound roosterfish, creating a memory he will cherish forever.

Inshore fishing charter cabo san lucas

Why Choose Top Anglers Sportfishing Charters?

Top Anglers Sportfishing Charter stands out for several reasons:

- Expert Guides: Our team comprises experienced anglers who know the best spots and techniques for catching roosterfish.

- Quality Gear: Top-notch fishing equipment ensures that anglers are well-prepared for the fight of a lifetime.

- Commitment to Conservation: We practice catch and release for roosterfish, ensuring the sustainability of this iconic species.

Tips for Catching Roosterfish in Cabo

For those inspired by these stories and looking to try their luck, here are some tips for catching roosterfish in Cabo San Lucas:

- Best Time to Fish: Roosterfish are most active from May to October. Early mornings are best and increase your chances of a catch.

- Live Bait: Using live bait like mullet, ballyhoo or sardines is highly effective for attracting roosterfish. We recommend two orders of live bait for fishing for roosters.

- Stay Patient: Roosterfish are known for their elusive nature. Patience and persistence are key. The best approach when you feel a rooster taking the bait, is to give the fish about ten seconds to fully take it and then set the hook extremely hard.


Cabo San Lucas continues to be a hotspot for anglers, and the recent roosterfish catches by Top Anglers Sportfishing Charter highlight the thrilling experiences awaiting those who venture out on these waters. Whether you're an experienced angler or a novice, the opportunity to catch a trophy-sized roosterfish with Top Anglers is an adventure you won't want to miss.

Book your trip today and join the ranks of those who have made unforgettable memories with Top Anglers Sportfishing Charter in the pursuit of the majestic roosterfish.

Ready to embark on your fishing adventure? Contact Top Anglers Sportfishing Charter and make your dream catch a reality!

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