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Tips For Travel To Cabo San Lucas

Updated: Jun 13

.We've compiled our list of tips along with some frequently asked questions to help make your trip to Cabo San Lucas enjoyable as possible!

Bring an ink pen on your carry on. You’ll need this for your entry paperwork that you’ll receive just prior to landing. The airlines do not provide pens and although there are kiosks with pens once you exit the aircraft, the pens at those kiosks will have many passengers vying for the few that do work. Bringing your own pen will speed up your entry into Mexico.

Do you need a rental car? Most often, no. Taxis, shuttles and Uber are plentiful in Cabo. It it recommended that you book your round trip airport transfer in advance. There are numerous private coach options, usually in a Suburban or Denali SUV. Or, Gray Line Los Cabos is another and less costly option. Bear in mind, with Gray Line, you do have the option of a shared shuttle, which means that you will be dropped off in order of where your resort or accommodations are relative to the other passengers. Also, Uber is not allowed on airport property and can only pick up passengers offsite. Some Uber drivers also experience challenges entering certain Cabo San Lucas resorts. We recommend checking with yours for additional details and if Uber is allowed onsite.

Relative to both items above, once you pass through customs and immigration, and after you clear the final random inspection area, you will enter a room known as “the gauntlet.” This room is full of salespeople who will promise you everything from free transportation, to free golf, free sunset cruises, free meals, free fishing, etc. They may also claim to be your transportation/transfer company, which they are NOT! Do not engage any of these individuals under any circumstances. Their only goal is only to tie you up in a timeshare presentation. The legitimate airport transfer and shuttle companies will be outside the airport, located under the canopies and will be waiting for you there. You can locate them easily by looking for the small yellow tags that are numbered and will correspond with your instructions on which number to meet your driver or transportation company representative at.

Do you need pesos? No, although you’re obviously welcome to pay and tip in pesos. U.S. currency does work just fine. Most resorts have ATM’s onsite and they are also plentiful in the marina. You generally will need to choose between ATM’s that dispense either U.S. currency or pesos, if using those in the marina.

Is travel insurance for potential medical issues important? Definitely. It’s important that you obtain travel insurance for any emergency medical needs, but it’s more important that you scrutinize the policy to see what they will cover and how they will pay any claims. Some travel insurance companies will require you to pay out of pocket, and reimburse you later for example. It is also important to have medical evacuation coverage as part of your policy. ***It is recommended that tourists avoid St. Luke’s Hospital in Cabo, as there are numerous allegations of price gouging and an overall lack of professionalism.

Speaking of medical issues, the sidewalk in Cabo San Lucas can be quite uneven in a lot of places, so its a good idea to keep an eye out where you're walking. I learned this the hard way during one of my very first trips to Cabo, when I jammed my big toe into an uneven section while wearing flip flops and fractured my big toe.

Where can you get basic groceries? There is a Costco and a Wal Mart in Cabo that many tourists utilize. Most transportation companies will stop for you on the way from the airport if you request it.

Can I drink the water? Yes, the water at resorts is filtered and is safe for you to drink, although most people prefer margaritas or a cerveza while in Cabo.

Is Cabo safe? Absolutely. It’s far safer than many American cities. Cabo San Lucas is reliant on tourism and a lot of effort goes into making visitors feel safe and have a safe experience while visiting.

We hope that you find these tips helpful. We are always available to assist in offering suggestions, should you need them.

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