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Restaurante Mariscos CHE RIOS-Cabo's Hidden Gem

If you're a "foodie" you can appreciate finding and/or being introduced to new and interesting places that have great food. One of our favorites in Cabo is Mariscos CHE RIOS, where you will find and enjoy some of the freshest and best seafood that can be found. Aside from great food, the service is excellent and the prices are very you get a TON of food! Overall, it is truly a culinary delight!

Mariscos CHE RÍOS is located just under 3 miles from the marina, which makes for an easy taxi or shuttle ride that is well worth it. You can find Mariscos CHE RIOS on Facebook, or, they can also be found via Google:

We hope you get a chance to visit Mariscos CHE RÍOS during your next visit to Cabo San Lucas!

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