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Cabo Fishing Charter Catches Rare Fish

Updated: 19 hours ago

Cabo San Lucas, a renowned fishing destination at the tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula, witnessed an extraordinary event this week. A snook, known scientifically as Centropomus undecimalis, and a rare fish to catch in Cabo San Lucas, was reeled in by a charter guest fishing with Top Anglers Sportfishing Charters, causing excitement in the local angling community.


Texas angler Kervin Feitag holds a rare snook caught with Top Anglers sport fishing charters in cabo san lucas on thursday june 27

The Catch


The rare fish was caught on Thursday on a bright, clear morning when the waters off Cabo were unusually calm for a change, following some windy days. The boat from Top Anglers Sportfishing Charters, led by Captain Christian, embarked on their routine fishing expedition with their guests, little knowing that they were about to make quite a splash within the angler community.


Not long after getting underway, the moment of truth arrived. Angler Kervin Freitag felt a strong tug on his line, a sensation every fisherman yearns for. The battle that ensued was intense, with the fish demonstrating the raw power and agility characteristic of a large snook. After a good fight, careful maneuvering and strategic reeling, Freitag, with the expert guidance of Captain Christian, finally brought the snook to the surface.


The Experience


Freitag, an experienced angler from San Antonio, Texas, shared his exhilaration: "I've been fishing for years, but this catch is something I'll remember forever. The teamwork and expertise of the Top Anglers Sportfishing crew was crucial. It's not just about the catch; it's about the journey and the people you're with."


Captain Christian added, "This is what we live for. Cabo San Lucas is a special place for anglers, and days like this remind us why. The ocean here is full of surprises, and we're thrilled to share these moments with our clients."


The Legacy


Top Anglers Sportfishing Charters has long been a favorite among both amateur and seasoned anglers visiting Cabo San Lucas. Known for being one of the longest running sportfishing charter operations in Cabo, since 1991, along with their professional crews and well-equipped vessels, they offer a premier fishing experience that consistently delivers a high level of service to guests, along with exciting and memorable catches.


This latest achievement cements their reputation as one of the leading charter services in the Cabo region. The extraordinary snook will be remembered not only for its rarity but for the skill and dedication demonstrated by the entire Top Anglers Sportfishing Charters team.

For questions:

Jason Bailey, MBA

Managing Partner-Top Anglers Sportfishing Charters Cabo

C: 559-246-8561


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